RSS Feeds and NPM Packages

RSS feeds now work in wanderer, implemented as a separate plugin that is not included automatically. It lives in the same repository as the rest of wanderer, though, in the plugins/rss folder.

The RSS feed generator uses the feed package to do the actual generation, and assumes that all plugins that come before it are well-defined and populate the html field of the files they touch properly. It currently has a default number of entries and query; I realized sort of belatedly that, at time of writing, there is no way to give plugins any arguments. I’ll figure it out if it’s asked for, I guess. I assume I’m still the only one using this, so all the defaults can simply be what I use!

But, if for whatever reason you want to try out wanderer yourself, there are now public npm packages for both the core generator and for the RSS plugin.

You can find them here:

Wanderer Core RSS Plugin