Graphicsmagick -> Imagemagick

New version of Wanderer is up, and there are two main changes:

  1. Plugins are no longer built directly into the bundle for wanderer core by default, and instead are separated into their own npm packages. This means that updating a plugin shouldn’t require a core rebuild now, though I’m not too sure how it interacts with different plugin managers. You might have to manually install the plugins as dependencies to your site.
  2. The image processing plugin now uses imagemagick rather than graphicsmagick – entirely because the latter broke on my computer. This means that you’ll need magick installed on your computer, because I still don’t provide binaries.

Wanderer is kept in a state that’s pretty much just ‘good enough’ for my uses, so there’s probably other oddities that I haven’t found. If for whatever reason you decide to tinker with it and find a problem, feel free to let me know on Github or anywhere else.