Things that I’ve programmed that run on computers and aren’t games.

Most of the software I make are tools specifically for my use, and so probably will feel unfamiliar to anyone else.

Creative Tools

  • Frontispiece - Interactive Fiction Engine. 2023.
  • Recital - Prose markup language. 2023.
  • Operator - task list program. 2021.
  • Strike - 1-bit paint program. 2020.
  • wanderer - Static site generator. 2020.
  • Rune - Web-based Markdown and Fountain editor. 2017.

Toys & Bots

  • Slate - Auto-‘journal’ that posts Gitlab commits to Mastodon. 2020.


Websites, either to show something about my work or someone else’s.

These sort of blend the boundary between software and creative work, so may show up in multiple sections.