July 9th, 2023

A little late because I visited family for July 4th weekend, and then participated in GMTK Jam with a group of folks that I’ve been working with for a few years.

We made a puzzle platformer called BeSwitched, which you can play here on the web!

Recent Work

  • I published open source versions of Recital and Frontispiece, my markup and interactive fiction engines. (Note that they’re read-only and have no communities around them, as I provide no support to the released versions)
  • I gave a talk at SeattleJS in June about writing interactive fanfiction with Javascript, and you can find the slides here.

Other Updates

Game Development

I start my new job at the end of the month, so I still have some free time. In that time, I’ve been planning on getting as much done as possible for Desert Angels, a walking simulator with guns that I started developing before the pandemic and then abandoned for almost three years. It’s a very strange narrative game as is my usual, and I have not been consistent at all about talking about it, nor working on it.

I began re-development in earnest in mid-June, and in approximately three weeks of development have made enough progress to have basic mechanics complete, and about half the story. The current goal is to have a working prototype by July 24th, though whether that protoype becomes public is still up in the air.

Magician is currently paused while I burst through Desert Angels.

Social Media

I’ve lost pretty much all of it, now that Twitter has become squarely unusable. I’m okay with this development, though I’m aware it does make it even harder to reach me. The Contact page is mostly up to date, at least, and email remains the best way to reach me, as unreliable as I am with it.

The loss of Twitter also means that I don’t have an ‘easy’ way now to give actual game dev updates; so much has happened with Desert Angels over the past month, which hasn’t really been documented. I’ll figure it out, but it will likely take some time.