I've historically never had an 'about me' or 'contacts' or 'links' page, so I'm not actually sure what to put here. I suppose a 'here's where you can find me' is sufficient:

How I interact with people online

I typically am not very good at it. As a rule, I will not reach out to people that I haven't already met in person (it's an anxiety thing), but will happily respond to people who reach out to me.

I'm interested in talking about game development, software development (especially web technologies), writing, art (of all kinds), mechanical keyboards, fringe theater, and -- pretty much any creative pursuit.

On Email

If you want to talk, the best medium to do so is probably actually email. I'm fairly inconsistent on any other social media platform, and have in the past missed messages for months at a time.

That doesn't mean I'm amazing with email, either, but I will say this much: I tend to respond to emails either fairly quickly, or after a few months, if at all. If you haven't gotten a response in three days, feel free to follow up. It's more than likely that I simply overlooked it.