June 4th, 2023


This section at the top this time, because there are plenty of changes. The short version is, I’m changing jobs. This also means that I’ll have some free time over the next month before my new position starts.

The other less good news is that my physical health has been concerning lately, so I haven’t had as much energy to make projects. On top of the whole ‘I’d been figuring out the job thing’ for a while.



I’m still studying music theory, though at a much slower pace. I stalled a bit on the online course because of all the hectic-ness in my life, but I do aim to complete it.

I also wrote some music for a friend’s interactive museum piece, which was fun. I haven’t yet dived back deep into it.

Learning Japanese

I’ve gotten pretty good at hiragana and katakana, and I know some kanji (cheating because I knew a decent amount of Chinese). I have no idea how to study grammar.

Magician / K

Still my big project…still with very little tangible progress, though I did make a few engine updates. I haven’t been in much a writing mood.

Map Editing

I got into map editing, which I don’t think will be a curiosity that lasts longer than the month; I’m in the process of creating a map editor in Godot, which I’ve made absolutely no mention of at this point. I also have been playing with Tiled, which has become quite a nice tile editor while I wasn’t aware.

I’m trying to create addons that can autotile procedurally generated maps (with Tiled’s terrain feature), and have done some modifications to Tiled’s source code for that purpose. (It’d be nice if my changes get merged, but even if they don’t, this is suitable for my purposes for now.)

Making JS work in C#

In more ridiculous news, I’d been angsting for a long time that all of my best UI code was in Javascript, and all of my favorite game engines use C#, and too bad you couldn’t just merge the two –

– and then I found out that there are a number of Javascript interpreters in C# that I could use to commit software crimes.

So I’ve been playing a lot with figuring out C# <-> JS interop, with the most valuable use being that I can now use my interactive fiction engine in C# in Godot or Unity! …well, a stripped down version in Unity, because performance is really bad for some reason.

I also found OneJS, which lets me write ReactJS UIs in Unity, and I’m unreasonably excited about that. I might even make a game in Unity.

Game Development???

I’ll work on it. The goal is to finish making a game in the next two months, since I’ll have more free time than usual. Time will tell how I do on that.