July 2022 Content Update

Has it almost been a year since I last touched this site? It’s almost been a year since I last touched this site. Current events have been…a lot.

At any rate, I’ve been making a handful of projects in the meantime and being generally very bad at telling people that I’m making new things, so there’s a lot of new updates on the site:


  • Added some new games to the games page; I worked on a few game jams this past year, and they’re now listed in the collaborative game jams section.
  • Added Rogueknife to the games section. This is technically also a collaborative game, as my good friend Iza created the artwork. However, the game design / premise was ‘Amorphous’ enough that I feel comfortable calling it a game I made, rather than a game I contributed to.
  • I’ve made so little progress on bigger projects. :’) In part because I kept doing game jams…

Other Work

  • Added the font Beholden to the misc section, since I did at some point draw another font.

I also rebuilt the whole site on a new computer and somehow broke all the updated dates. Hrm. Either way, I’m currently in the process of updating wanderer, the site’s build system, so I expect things to be slightly more broken in the near to distant future!