Filling in some gaps

Hi there. It is somehow December, but this year has been very bizarre. It’s been a while, and I have made some things since last time, so it was about time for me to update this site.

I actually did produce a lot of work in the second half of 2020, but most of it hasn’t been put on here at the time of writing. Some of it was just a result of the times; it was a lot easier to make new things than to reflect upon them, so I made projects and didn’t write about them or publicize them. Some of it is because I spent a lot of time creating fanwork, and wasn’t sure how to put them on this site.

But now I am slowly including everything. At least, the artwork. I still am not sure if I am going to host my fanfiction on here.

This time’s updates:

  • I created a page for my Starry Diamond artwork, which I’d initially shared on Twitter throughout July and August.
  • I also added an entry on the games page for Divine Intervention, my newest game jam piece.

As always, I have more projects in the works, which will be shared here as I do the work to maintain this space.