Arms Race

This is a story about alien technology, the lengths people go for health care, and a giant robotic arm. It is also loosely related to the myth of Sisyphus.

It was originally designed as a bullet-hell shooter, and has since been adapted into a stage play. Unfortunately, this happened right at the start of the 2020 pandemic, so there wasn't a chance to actually stage the play. Instead, I opted to stage it within the Unity game engine, and create a mildly interactive, virtual play.

The script is written, though further edits may be made. The Unity staging of the play is currently in development. I'm not sure yet what the final product will look like, but I've been logging development, and will be putting my notes here.

Build Log


Arms Race (the Unity stage play) was developed in part as a way for me to learn how to use Unity, and to gather a set of resources that could help me build this and other games in the future.

This is a running list of some of the tools and technologies I used.

Blender Plugins

I used Blender extensively, mostly for creating 3D assets.

  • Auto Rig Pro - - for rigging humanoid characters. It has a lot of tools for retargeting animations and creating face rigs, which I've come to appreciate.
  • Asset Creation Toolset - - for exporting non-humanoid models to Unity FBX.

Unity Plugins / Resources

Some of these are open-source on Github, and some of them are paid products from the Unity Asset Store. I used URP as the rendering engine, and Timeline as the main animations package to make Arms Race

  • SerializableDictionary - - dictionaries that appear in the Unity inspector
  • NaughtyAttributes - - mostly useful for adding buttons to test various functions
  • Signals - - Global signals library
  • Custom Hierarchy - - better scene tree visualization
  • Volumetric Lights - - for spotlights
  • DOTween - - tweening library, primarily for UI animations
  • A* Pathfinding - - used to move actors from point A to point B (I use the free version)
  • UMotion Pro - - creating some of the custom animations for the scenes
  • Sci-Fi Effects - - for explosions and weapon fire.