Log 01

Two more weeks of Stage Play! In that time, I…what did I do. I did do things. I just need to remember what things I did.

Most of the dev time was spent fighting stage curtains, before I gave up and just made them a simple translation. However, that does mean that they now work and are in the game. I also hooked up the main menu so that you can begin the play, have the lights dim, and the curtains open. And then it’ll play a bunch of test animations, because I don’t actually have play content done yet.

There’s a main menu now. It’s not very fancy looking. But you can change the options, read a bit about why the heck I made this, and also start the play. The ‘Quit’ button is still nonfunctional, though…

More logistics…I actually did accomplish some of the goals I set out last time. Namely, ‘scenes being played and replayed without problem’ - Now, if you restart the scene, the characters and props also restart to their proper positions, which is kind of important (before, they didn’t, so things could get very funny, e.g. the gun being glued to MACHINE’s hand at the beginning of the play). However, because of the intricacies of Unity’s timeline, I’m afraid that I’m going to have several clones of each character, one for each scene. Too bad.

However, I did not get anything done for scene selection. And since there is in fact only one scene, it’s hard to tell how robust my solution is. Everything can break once I move onto scene 2, which I’ll worry about later.

Next Up

I’ve tabled scene selection for now because there really is only one scene, and have now shifted gears to focus a little more on dialogue.

Once, months ago, I made a dialogue box system. It worked at the time, and then I looked at it a few days back and understood none of it. So I’ll be retouching that, adding some more features, and making it pretty.

I created a mockup, but it really isn’t anything fancy. But I want to have some fancy show / hide / move effects, and have the dialogue follow the character, so there’s still work to be done.