wanderer roadmap

  • generate a sitemap that can be used in content
  • easy way to create ‘tag’ pages
  • allow feeds to query sitemap (aka target URL, not source URL)
  • allow the generator to know whether a directory-level config was found in the direct directory or in a parent, mostly to deal with special-cases in index files.
  • write formal documentation for how wanderer transforms the source files
  • write formal documentation for configuration values and results


Things here are trickier to handle, since they’ll probably involve rethinking parts of the architecture, or require loosening of the ‘no dependencies’ rule I’d set out for at the beginning.

  • add support for wikilinks
  • be able to reference images and pages in links by name only (wiki-style navigation)


  • implement numbered lists in the Markdown parser
  • make page dates work consistently (requires some refactoring)
  • create raw tags in the Markdown parser so that you can write multi-line template strings
  • implement quicklinks
  • render dates in a human-readable format.
  • create a method to rebuild the entire site, minus images (we probably want to cache images.)
  • separate last updated (uses filesystem only) from page date (can be tempo string)
  • create an RSS feed
  • convert to typescript
  • use a more standardized Markdown parser.