This is an experimental / possible implementation for something that may or may not be useful in the future

An additional configuration layer in the site-wide config file that can define an ‘id’ and the path that that link should point to.

If you then write a link in the following format:

[Link text](@id)

The link should be transformed to point to a possibly different link.

There’s two ways I can think of to implement this:

  1. Wanderer replaces all ids in quicklinks with the canonical link at build step
  2. Create a redirect file at the quicklink location that redirects to the canonical link. (probably better maintainability at the cost of additional files)


Because I have a lot of projects, and I might want to reorganize the folder structure for them later. I don’t want my folder structure to fall over.

Update on Jan 10 2020

It turns out that this is unnecessary because you can just add ‘quicklinks’ by using template variables as usual: