Now: March 2023

This page is a catch-all of what I’ve been up to lately, as well as a few things from the near past and the near future. It was last updated on March 30th, 2023.


Oculus VR

I work at Oculus (yes I insist on calling it that even though they retired the name years ago now), and am currently working on the VR web platform and WebXR. I’m taking the month of April off of work to travel and do some relaxing.

Personal Projects

I continue to have many, many projects.

My way of working involves rotating between a large number of projects and then slowly chipping away at completing all of them. This makes it difficult to give timely updates to each one without my feed turning into a mess, unfortunately.

Also, more of them have tended to be game jams, which I join on a whim. Which I’m behind on in terms of updating this site for what I’ve done.

Regardless, this is generally what I’ve been up to:

Random Explorations

I’ve been getting into the world of generative art / music again recently, which I’ve dabbled in a few times but never quite plunged into. As part of that, I’m firehosing a bit on TouchDesigner, PureData, and Unity (again). No tangible, real projects yet, but who knows what will come out of it.


Framework for multimedia interactive stories.

I’ve been using it successfully for writing my own stories. I need to document it, which has been a very slow process. Then it can be open-sourced.

Magician of Paper Flowers

Formerly known as ‘K’, this is a long story I wrote 5 years ago and am now trying to finish. I’m getting as far as I can in the first half of the year, then assessing to see how I feel about it. I don’t think I’ll finish it by then.

Backburner Projects

Projects that are in progress, but stalled at the moment (usually because I’m focusing on other projects).

Arms Race

A stage play I wrote at the beginning of the pandemic, and turned part of into an interactive demo in Unity.

It’s mostly an exercise in learning how to create scenes in Unity, and may or may not have a playable version at the end of it. You can see the development log for it here.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to finish it, as most of the remaining work would be animating and video editing. Instead, I’ll release what I had completed so far, as well as any particularly interesting technical pieces I used in implementation. The development log will also stay online.

(I said this several months ago, and it’s still not entirely up. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon with keeping my online presence up to date, unfortunately.)