I usually make games to tell stories. They tend to be fairly light on gameplay mechanics, and involve a lot of text and sometimes visuals.

All my current (playable) games can be found on - I don't have game pages written for most of my work yet, so a lot of them will take you to the page.

Currently in Progress

I'm always working on multiple games at the same time, and I want to get better at documenting the process of doing so. Here are a few things I'm working on:

  • Desert Angels - Shooter / adventure game in a desert scrapyard. The trash blocks your path, the trash is where all the stories are.
  • Arms Race - Bullet hell where you play as a disembodied arm. Also a stage play, somehow.
  • Champion of Molten Flesh - Appeal to the gods to save a life, and become a true hero along the way.


Narrative Games

These games are very story-heavy and are more like interactive narrative experiences than traditional video games. Those are also my favorite kind of game to make and play, and I consider these my best work.

Other Video Games

These are usually playable on Windows, or via a web browser.

Tabletop Games

Collaborative Jam Games

Short games that I worked on with other people, usually at an event or a game jam. Generally more mechanics-heavy than my typical work.

  • Maze of the Mini-taur - GMTK 2021 entry. Puzzle platformer where you move around entire rooms to escape the labyrinth.
  • Xip & Xander - Global Game Jam entry in 2021. Puzzle platformer where you collect and swap powerups to complete levels.
  • Divine Intervention - Seattle Indies Jam 2020 entry. A gay romance turn-based JRPG where you assemble a team of demons and angels to fight with you.
  • Power to Music to Save the World - Global Game Jam entry in 2020. A rhythm game about powering up giants to save repair the world, featuring a 10-person choir singing a JPop inspired soundtrack.
  • Neo Seattle Gen-3515 - Global Game Jam entry in 2018. Defeat centaur drones with the truck attached to your motorcycle.
  • Resonance - Global Game Jam entry in 2017. A small music toy where you striking crystals with waves to produce music.
  • Ritual of Flowers - Ludum Dare 34 entry. This is a ritual that requires two dancers, predefined paths, and an endless supply of light beams.


Games that I made a long time ago. They're difficult or impossible to play now (e.g. flash games, or lost builds), but it might be interesting to see the kinds of games I started off with.

  • Mechafrog - a bullet hell / tower defense hybrid about a frog with an existential crisis. Created in 2013.
  • Evanescent - world-shifting top-down bullet hell about a child's dreams. Created in 2011, published(?) in 2012. It requires Flash to play.