Screenshot of Rune

A web-based Markdown and Fountain editor that uses Dropbox as a file storage system.

Web App

I use this app for two purposes:

  1. As a way to edit existing Dropbox files without having access to my main computer
  2. As an exporter for Fountain documents.

Most web-based Markdown applications were very good for writing new documents and saving them to Dropbox. However, I cared less about creating new documents as I did editing old ones, so I wanted something where I could easily open and save existing files. Somehow, I wrote this.

I don't anticipate this being useful for (m)any other people besides me; there are plenty of online markdown editors that are more feature-complete than this one. Nevertheless, it's public if you want to use it.


  • Requires a connection to a Dropbox account. No other backends are being considered for development at the moment.
  • Uses standard keyboard shortcuts to open and save files (Ctrl S, Ctrl O)
  • Creates a table of contents for both Markdown and Fountain headers
  • This application has no autosave, so be careful not to lose any work