This page is a catch-all of what I’ve been up to lately, as well as a few things from the near past and the near future. It was last updated on Apr 16, 2020.

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No Traveling

Well, it's a hectic time for sure. I'm not traveling or meeting up with people for the foreseeable future, and all my spring events were canceled.

However, this has left me an ample amount of free time, and I'm trying to talk to people more online to deal with the isolation. Feel free to reach out if there's anything you want to talk about!

Oculus VR

I work as a Software Engineer at Oculus on the Oculus Browser team. Talk to me about WebVR!

This Website

I've been spending some time updating my personal site, the results of which you can see here. However, I want this site to be a living document (unlike the landing page I had in the past), so will be constantly writing and updating to it until I figure out how I want to organize my content.

Personal Projects

Still working on far too many at the same time.

My way of working involves rotating between a large number of projects and then slowly chipping away at completing all of them. This makes it difficult to give timely updates to each one without my feed turning into a mess, unfortunately.

As an experiment, I created a Mastodon bot that logs every update I make to a project. Things are presented without context, but it might be an interesting view into exactly when I'm working on what.

Here's a list of my current projects:

Desert Angels

A shooter / adventure game in a desert scrapyard. The trash blocks your path, the trash is where all the stories are.

This is currently my main project. The game is at the point now where you can move around and interact with things, and the current goal is to get a demo-able build by May.

Arms Race (Working Title)

Bullet hell shooter where you play as an arm.

I decided at the end of January that it had been uncomfortably long since I'd released a game, and decided to spend a short burst of time making a game as quickly as I could.

As usual, this ended up taking longer than I expected, mostly because I actually ended up really liking the ideas I came up with. I got a bit distracted and turned pretty much the whole thing into a play, which is already fully written.

Champion of Molten Flesh

I'm working on a remaster of a game I released in 2016 to test out the Recital engine, and to add more content.

Backburner Projects

Projects that are in progress, but stalled at the moment (usually because I'm focusing on other projects).


Framework for multimedia interactive stories.

It works well enough to run simple games now, and has information for packaging them! I've been using it to write my stage plays, and converting my games into web stories. I really need to write documentation.


An interactive story about violent lesbians. This is my second big Recital project, and currently has an outline and a design document completed.


A novel-length adventure story about searching for magic. This was originally a novel I wrote in college, now being converted into a Recital game. It has a draft and editor's comments, but it's too large to be a good test project for the Recital engine.