This page is a catch-all of what I’ve been up to lately, as well as a few things from the near past and the near future. It was last updated October 24th, 2019.

If you’re looking for my completed work, here are some games I’ve made. If you want in-depth updates or announcements for future work, check out my mailing list.



I work as a Software Engineer at Oculus on the Oculus Browser team. Talk to me about WebVR!

Theatre and Musicals

I watched the Sailor Moon musicals last summer and promptly decided that I loved musicals (and theatre in general - a world I'd never actually explored deeply), so I'm actively seeking to be more involved with that.

I was a part of Hello Earth's production of Star Wars Outdoors this summer. I'm limiting theater to the summertime because I have so many other things to do, but I will be definitely get involved again next year.


For inktober this year, instead of drawing 31 pieces for each day of the month, I decided to draw 12 pieces - one for each episode of Revue Starlight, my favorite anime. You can find all the pieces here on Twitter. I'll have them up on Instagram (and here?) eventually, as well.

This Website

Still working on how I will organize it. Slowly, because I have too many projects.

Personal Projects

Still working at them, despite my lack of updates. Writing stories and making games and all that jazz.

My way of working involves rotating between a large number of projects and then slowly chipping away at completing all of them. This makes it difficult to give timely updates to each one without my feed turning into a mess, unfortunately.

List of Current Projects

Desert Angels Shooter / adventure game in a desert scrapyard. The trash blocks your path, the trash is where all the stories are.

  • Currently my main project, in hopes of having a rough playable build at the end of the year.

Omens Interactive story. The two lived at the end of the world, and they were loved, and they were hated, and they were feared.

  • Outline and rough draft complete. The game will be written on the Recital engine (see below), so is blocked until that engine becomes more robust.

Recital Framework for multimedia interactive stories.

  • Currently my side project. It works well enough to run simple games now! But I need to figure out how to package those games into a distributable format.

Amorphic Personal website.

  • You're reading it now! I want to have better organization, but I'm not sure yet what that will look like.