This page is a catch-all of what I’ve been up to lately, as well as a few things from the near past and the near future. It was last updated on Jul 24, 2022.


I’ve been awful at actually keeping any kind of record of my plans during the pandemic, so I’m probably missing a few details.

Email bankruptcy

I lost all control of my inbox last year. If you tried to reach me anytime in the last few months and got no response, please reach out again. I had to pretty much wipe my inbox and start over; it’d gotten pretty dire.

Oculus VR

I work at Oculus, and am currently working on the VR web platform and WebXR.

Returning to Seattle

I am now back in Seattle, after having been away for most of the pandemic. And slowly trying to relearn how to socialize.


I’m performing as part of a theater troupe this summer! So I expect that a lot of my time will be spent on rehearsals.

Personal Projects

I continue to have many, many projects.

My way of working involves rotating between a large number of projects and then slowly chipping away at completing all of them. This makes it difficult to give timely updates to each one without my feed turning into a mess, unfortunately.

But generally, this is what I’ve been up to:


Framework for multimedia interactive stories.

I refactored the framework, and have created some more converters, notably one for ink. I’ve also been rewriting the interactive component of Recital in Phaser.JS, since I kind of sort of accidentally reinvented the wheel in implementing the first version.

I’m still using the language and framework to write my stage plays, and converting my games into web stories. I really need to write documentation.

I also realize that I have not been documenting my development process and learnings as well as I should be. Egads.



I’ve been spending a lot of time writing Revue Starlight fanfiction (for my own enjoyment only), including one story now that I’m using as a test for Recital.

One of my stories is already set and hosted in a custom website. The others are on AO3.

Backburner Projects

Projects that are in progress, but stalled at the moment (usually because I’m focusing on other projects).

Arms Race

Bullet hell shooter where you play as an arm.

…which I then turned into a stage play last year, and am now in the process of turning that stage play into an interactive “game” in Unity.

It’s mostly an exercise in learning how to create scenes in Unity, and may or may not have a playable version at the end of it. You can see the development log for it here.

I haven’t had the chance to set up my desktop that can actually run Unity at speed since a recent move, so I haven’t been working on this lately. I aim to get back to it in fall.


A novel-length adventure story about searching for magic. This was originally a novel I wrote in college, now being converted into a Recital game. It has a draft and editor’s comments, but it’s too large to be a good test project for the Recital engine.