Site Update

Note from February 12, 2020: This is obviously out of date now that I’ve updated my site twice over, and so some of the links have since broken and been removed. The blog still exists, but I haven’t quite linked it together yet, so there’s no page at time of writing.

Hi there! After a long time, I’ve updated my website. There are two major changes: 1. major projects are now listed on the front page, and 2. I’ve made my blog public.

Projects should be self-explanatory. You can now reach my games directly from the home page now! And as I work on more non-game projects, they might pop up here too.

The blog is something I’ve been maintaining on and off for four years, where I wrote articles on whatever I felt like at the time. It’s always been in a state of quasi-public: technically public in the sense that you could visit it, but never actually linked to or publicized in such a way that people could read it. It has also moved from host to host, first from Wordpress to Google blogs, and finally to Jekyll here.

I’ve written post-mortems for games I’ve made (unshared until now!), reference notes for working with code, and notes on events I’ve attended. As it’s been mostly a personal thing for so long, the blog portion of this site is a bit raw. Older articles haven’t been edited, and are more a collection of notes than complete pieces. I’m also still experimenting with the links on the front page some as people explore the site.

As of time of writing, my current methodology is as follows: I do most of my writing on my mailing list, where I explore topics loosely and write down thoughts without too much in way of organization or editing. For some of those topics, I might more seriously organize those thoughts into a cohesive article, which will then appear on the blog. Likewise, the mailing list will have semi-frequent updates on my projects, while this blog will group them together for bigger announcements.

Frequent topics include:

  • analyses of mechanics and art direction in games
  • narrative techniques for games and written stories
  • procedural generation
  • ethics of software development
  • whatever else I’m thinking too much about at the time
  • various project announcements

If you’re interested in hearing what I’m doing while I’m doing it, look at the mailing list. If you’re here to have a log of some more refined thoughts or major announcements, that’s what the blog is for.

This format is still subject to experimentation, as I am always doing so many things at the same time.