Drawing Faces

I do a lot of random sketching that I never know what to do with; I like showing people my artwork, but they seem too incomplete to really push out to the world. In a sense, they’re perfect little things to show off here, in my wacky space-background website.

Recently, I’ve been spending some time working on faces and heads – I don’t consider that to be a weak point of mine, but I also never really learned the fundamentals, which meant that I really only got good at drawing heads at particular angles. (Straight ahead, or 3/4, or profile, basically. Upward and downward tilts of the head were not ideal.)

So I’ve been practicing that!

For these, I followed this tutorial about visualizing faces as basic shapes. If anything, I think the main insight I gained was that the brow line is roughly equidistant to the bottom of the nose as the bottom of the nose is to the chin (of course, with some variation).

Some notes on drawing faces looking upward