A monospace font for both coding and reading/writing prose.

This is a custom build of the Iosevka font, with wider characters, more open character spacing, and some opinionated glyph choices. Specifically:

  • Small curves and a more angular appearance (e.g. a more rounded-rectangular ‘O’ vs. a round one)
  • Half-serifed (z-shaped) i’s and l’s
  • Half-open g and $ characters
  • Flatter curly braces
  • smaller arcs on the c and f characters (which contributes to the angular appearance)

As per the restrictions of the SIL Open Font License, the font is named ‘Diffusion’ to distinguish it from its parent. It is also released under the SIL Open Font License v1.1. The download contains the build contents, which include TTF files and web fonts.

The font features programming ligatures, a light / regular / bold weighting (these are the only ones I use, but I can build more as needed), and italics for all weights.